About Swapix

About Swapix


Swapix — #1 free advertising platform in your country.

Every day, thousands of people from your city go on Swapix. There is a 100% chance that someone among them needs the item (service, vacancies, resumes, etc.) you offer. Post your ad right now and expect a result within 1-7 days!

Swapix — it’s free

You don’t have to pay anything for your ads (including corporate). Registration, contact details of buyers and sellers, etc are free as well. Unlike other advertising and community websites, we do not impose on our users’ value-added services.

Swapix — fast and simple advertising

Our moderation time is very quick. Ads are published almost immediately after submitting.

You can offer and find on Swapix absolutely everything, from real estate, farm equipment, and vehicles, to children’s toys and pet food. And all this is available here at 20-90% below market price!

Additionally, Swapix offers jobs, while employers will find qualified and thorough employee for their companies.

The extensive «Services» section was created for tradesmen, small businesses and their customers. Here you can find and offer services of any type, from manicure and tutoring to repair and construction. You can also exchange services.

Swapix – ads from all over the world

Swapix finds for you what you are looking for, even though it’s in another city or country. This is especially important for those who are looking for a rare or valuable thing, for buyers for such items, as well as for those who want to expand the geo-coverage of their business.

Swapix – functional and easy to understand even to kids

Easy and intuitive search. Even though you are not familiar with the Internet, you will find it easy to advertise or send feedback.

Our users will appreciate the enhanced ad filtering system. Thanks to the «smart» filters with the maximum number of criteria, searching for things is much faster and more effective compared to other advert websites.

We publish ads from individuals and companies. Couldn’t find what you need with a private seller? Hundreds of shops, businesses and agencies daily publish their offers on Swapix. Some of them will unarguably offer you the best conditions!

Moreover, Swapix ads can be used on any device. Enjoy our user-friendly apps for iOS and Android.

Buying and selling on Swapix has become even faster and more convenient! Join the crowd and get more feedback, customers, clients, and partners today.