How to Protect Yourself from iPhone’s bugs

How to Protect Yourself from iPhone’s bugs

The last years we often hear of a lot of bugs that put at risk the security of user’s privacy. One of these bugs happened last month with Apple devices. Any person could eavesdrop your device through the FaceTime app. The bug has already been fixed but probably it’s time to start taking your privacy and security under your control. And here is what I think we can do:

Not to install major versions of Apple IoS

New features and limitations of the bugs are good, but I don’t mean you shouldn’t install the update at all. Just wait for a while until the active fanbase of Apple find out all the issues and give feedback. Then you can decide if it’s acceptable for you or not.

ios 12 version

Don’t beta test the Apple iOS

Need problems with the security in your device? Better boast with a new release before the official release? Then forget this advice.

iOS beta test

Remove or disable the apps which you don’t use

I have never used Facetime and I’m not interested in it at all. I just disabled it on my smartphone so no one was able to use it to hear what I am doing. The same with the other apps. Inspect your phone, delete and disable the apps which you don’t use. We don’t know which app will have the same bug next time.

remove app

Pay attention to the Apple news

Set up an alert in Google News for «Apple bugs» or whatever it can sound. It’s not a panic, as you may think. Your phone is the most used gadget in your life so it won’t take much time to pay attention to the news which will come to your phone themselves.

google news

Keep your phone securely

Just keep in your phone the information you are not afraid to lose. The Touch or Face IDs won’t stop the dedicated attacker. At the same time don’t be obsessed with all these security issues. If I write this article it doesn’t mean I keep my phone in a stainless steel box and don’t use it in the bathroom, for example. I mean we should take care of our security at least a bit. Then neither bugs will will cause you trouble about your privacy.

finger touch security

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