Buy Only Cheap Things First

Buy Only Cheap Things First

Quality things are usually really expensive. Their cheap versions will never be of the same quality. Sure it will fall apart one day but you need these cheap things, and here is why:

When you are new to any sphere, e.g. sport, you don’t know which features are really important and which personal preferences you will have in some time. You even don’t know how long you will be interested in this new hobby. So, you can’t evaluate whether an expensive purchase worth it. Sure, you can later sell this thing on a classified like Swapix. But while you are a beginner, the beginner level equipment is okay for you.

roller skates

Take roller skates, for example, high-level roller players spent hundreds of dollars to buy the specialized gear to wear on the feet. Meanwhile the coaches advice to buy cheapish beginner skates for the beginners. Of course, not from a toy store, but the skates which cost N 36.000 — 72.000. You can also find such skates on Swapix Nigeria.
So, by the time the skaters get annoyed with the first skate they have enough experience to choose a skate which fits their skating style.

Which cheap stuff is good?

Before the purchase ask the people who have experience in your new sport or hobby. Make sure that everyone has his own opinion which is best. However, it doesn’t mean that their best is the same as your one. That’s why you should ask them the following:

How cheap is too cheap?

Find out which price is too cheap for your equipment. And which defects won’t suit you even on the beginner’s level.

Where did your friends start?

If you have started powerlifting and haven’t bought a belt and shoes you can still lift weights without them or with the old pair you bought on Swapix. Ask people what they wore when they started, and it’s what you need.

What are people’s preferences?

It will take some time before you know your own preferences, but it’s worth thinking now which you may need. For example, which bicycle — a mountain one or a road one?

Swapix Nigeria

Create your exit plan

How will you know that your beginner equipment is worn out? Some things can be still used but you will feel their limitations. Ask experienced people which better equipment you can buy now and which features indicate that you need to buy something new. If you bought your thing new the same Swapix can gain you some money cause someone is starting now as you did some time ago and he needs cheap used equipment.

The time when you need to buy new equipment is like graduation. You are not a beginner anymore. You may have saved up some money for the next step. And you can buy now a better gear knowing what exactly you need. By the way, on Swapix Nigeria some shops sell new things as well.