How to Use Your Phone When the Screen Is Cracked

How to Use Your Phone When the Screen Is Cracked

The screen on your smartphone shatters after you drop it. If you were smart enough you put the critical data on the cloud. However, there may be some things that you still need to extract from your phone before you repair it or buy a new one. Or maybe you are not able to buy a new smartphone right now. Of course, you can use bulletin boards like Swapix Nigeria. But still, you need to use your cracked screen right now. How to do it?

You are lucky if some part of the screen responds to your commands. Then you can use your touch ID and pull up your Setting app depending on its location on your screen.

broken iPhone

Your iPhone’s screen is broken. What to do?

In any case, you can hold down your Home button to activate Siri. Then tell Siri «Turn on VoiceOver» and use that part of the screen which still registers your finger and navigates through iOS. This will help you launch Google Photos and back up your photos, for example.

The other option is to plug your iPhone directly into your laptop and rip the needed information. With the help of VoiceOver, you can even allow a new laptop to see your iPhone.

If your screen doesn’t respond to your commands at all you can take a Lightning-to-USB adapter and connect your iPhone with a simple USB keyboard. Then you will be able to use the keyboard to authenticate into your device with your Passcode. Then with the VoiceOver, you will be able to navigate through your phone.

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Your Android’s screen is broken. What to do?

You can use the same keyboard trick: take an OTG cable and connect it with a simple keyboard. You can also connect your Bluetooth mouse and navigate through the phone. Then using MTP protocol you can back up all the needed media files.

MTP mode

If you have a memory card inside your phone you can copy all the needed files and move it there. And then you can buy a new Android phone on Swapix for accessible price.