When Should You Reject a Job Offer?

When Should You Reject a Job Offer?

Applying for a job reminds me dating. It is an exhausting process which takes your psychological resourses and makes your small talk muscles work hardly. Any wrong move and your life will be turned over with you trying to pretend that some things like sex or paid time off were the things you weren’t cared about.

If you are single you can jump into a relationship with the first person who laughs at your Tweet. If you are unemployed every job offer looks like a dream work. However you should be able to turn down a job offer if something is wrong as well as to find out a way to meet with your online friend in a real life. Swapix Nigeria is a good classified where you can find a lot of vacations.

Here are a few tips which will help you with choosing a proper job:

You don’t owe anyone anything

Please, remember ones and forever that you are evaluating the employer as much as they are evaluating you.

The CEO of professional development firm Great on the Job Jodi Glickman said that most young people feel they are obliged to take a job offer after they go through an application and a screening process. When looking for a job the main goal is to get into the seat of the driver and then to decide. Even if the answer will be no.

“It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it doesn’t mean you presented yourself under false pretenses,” she said. “You have every right to work really hard to get them to love you and get that offer and then decide whether or not that’s where you want to be.”

Which signs you should watch for

Carefully read job offer and keep your eyes and ears peeled. Look for the warning signs which should set off red flags in your brain. You can find the job offers on such classifieds like Swapix Nigeria.


Dr. Michael McCutcheon, a life coach and psychologist with Wanderlust Careers says that we should look for mismatches between the job we are applying for and the one we are offered. If something — salary, company culture or whatever — seems queer and doesn’t match with what you want, just reject the offer.

“This is a major warning sign that you [may be] entering a bait-and-switch relationship,” he said.

Don’t respect if you are not respected

If the company constantly rescedule the interviews, miss appointments or calls, changes its job offer or can’t handle the needed working conditions, take a hint. It’s unlikely that something will change after ou get this job.

The more specifics the better

Pay attention if there is no a job description. A simple vacancy like «office manager» can include much more responsibilities.

Talk to your future colleagues

You will be surprised if your potential girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t want to meet with your relatives, won’t you? The same is here. McCutcheon recommends waiting until the second interview and ask the employer to speak to your potential colleagues. It will be a red flag if he will refuse.

The questions you can ask the employees may be the following:

  • How would you describe your over all experience here?
  • If you could change anything about the company culture what would it be?
  • What are some favorite and least favorite things about working here?

If they roll their eyes or groan, don’t miss these signs. They show their unhappiness to you in this way.

How to reject politely

So, you didn’t like anything after the interviews. Don’t lie about the reasons. But don’t be too specific as well. You can tell that you made a desision to go for a different kind of job or another industry. Or that you anticipate other offers and want to get full info from everyone.

It seems awkward to turn it all down but it’s not better to be trapped in a job you already hate.

“They’re not putting your interests before that of the organization, therefore, you have no responsibility to put the organization before the best interests of yourself.”