10 Weird Car Hacks That Make Life Easier

10 Weird Car Hacks That Make Life Easier

When you buy a car you start a new relationship. Your car helps you drive wherever you go and carry your things. It is your friend. By the way, you can find your new friend on Swapix Nigeria classifieds.

However, this friendship can become a pain. Spilled drinks, door dings, and expensive maintenance are only a few things that you can face.

But if you use these common lifehacks you will have a better relationship with your car.

Organize your trunk!

The trunk of your car is an organizer. Buy a few laundry baskets to fill the space and use each of them for the items which belong together. For example, for gym equipment, you can use one basket, for grocery shopping the other one and so on. You can buy them on the same Swapix Nigeria for cheap.

Use lights to find your car

It’s quite easy to lose your car at big parking lots at a stadium or a mall. Don’t listen to your car’s signals. Just use your head and keep an eye out for the flashing lights. It’s easier to locate your car by them.

Use shoes for coffee cups

Two cupholders are often not enough. As a result, someone will definitely spill his mug of tea or coffee. So, put your shoes between the seats and set your cup inside.

Use your seat to warm up food

A microwave is okay, but isn’t it better to bring take-out meals warm? If you have a seat warmers in your car turn them on and place the food on top. If you choose a microwave though, you can also buy it on Swapix Nigeria.

Buy stockings for your wiper blades

If your wiper blades are worn out and it’s time to buy new ones you can prolong their life. Buy a pair of women’s stockings and wrap them around the wiper arm. Otherwise, it will scratch your window glass.

Keep stockings in your car

Stockings can also help you if your timing belts are broken. All you will need is to safely stop your car and tie the stockings around the engine’s pulleys following the path. It must be enough to get to a car service or home to install a new timing belt. Both the stocking and timing belts are cheap enough on Swapix Nigeria.

Clean headlights with a toothpaste

In a long journey and as time passes the headlights of your car get cloudy and scuffed up. That doesn’t look good, does it? Take a clean rag and smear a little bit of toothpaste on it. Then just scrub the headlights. It will fill any tiny scratches and will clear the headlights.

Nail Polish will save your money

Have you noticed that keeping some women’s things in your car is worth buying them? Well, it really is. Now the nail polish which can save your car’s windows. It’s better to buy a cheap one. Women often sell used one on Swapix Nigeria.

Apply a thin layer to the cracks and chips on the window. It will be almost invisible when it dries but can help prevent the growth of the crack.

Your kitchen can clean the interior

You know well that coffee filters are good polishers. Combine them with an olive oil and wash the dashboard in your car with them. It will pick up any dust and your car’s interior will shine brightly.

Pool noodles are not for pools only

You can use pool noodles to prevent cracks in your car. If the parking space in your garage is tight affix them against the walls. They will provide a soft bumper when your door swings open or when you park your car.

As you can see, the usual things which can buy everyone can help you keep your car clean and safe, as well as your nerves — strong. 

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