10 Weird Car Hacks That Make Life Easier. Part II

10 Weird Car Hacks That Make Life Easier. Part II

We keep on saying that a car should be your friend. To provide a good relationship you should know how to take care of your friend. Even if it is made from steel and plastic.

There small are car issues that you can solve yourself without a mechanic with the help of things available around your house. These lifehacks will improve your relationship with your car and will simplify your life.

Phone holder is not a must

If you don’t have a phone holder, you can use a rubber band instead. In any case you can find a phone holder on Swapix Nigeria.

Shower organizer helps with children

If you have to travel with kids take a shower organizer to keep all the bottles and creams near at hand.

Pool floatie is your bed

If you don’t have money or just don’t want to pay for a hotel just take an inflatable pool floatie with you. It can become your bed on a road trip.

Wind is your friend

You can cool a hot car in seconds. Just roll down one window all the way, then the other one and so on. You can either to open and close the door a few times.

Map is not about geography

Parked your car in an unfamiliar location? Open your phone’s map and drop a pin after you parked your car. You won’t have problems then getting back.

Car position is important

Look at your wind mirror and correct your car position. If you see the flank of your car the mirrors are positioned in the wrong way. To avoid blind spots position them so that no part of the car appears in them.

Keep all the car liquids in one place

Use a shower caddy for that. As simple as that.

Save money on scratches

The cheapest way to fix a scratch on your car is to use clear nail polish. Women sell them on Swapix Nigeria for cheap. 

No hangers in your car?

Use a mesh bungee as a coat hangers

Emergency kit lifehack

Include a toilet paper, cheap phone, water, blankets and snacks in your emergency kit. You will say thank you many times when you need them.