Seven Ways You are Wasting Money on Your Car

Seven Ways You are Wasting Money on Your Car

Many years ago all the cars were created in the same way. People had to change oil every 3.000 miles and the oil itself was of the same type.

Nowadays there are a lot of car types and the guidelines have been changed. The car maintenance has become easier but most of the car owners use old guidance. They waste their time, money and sometimes even damage their cars.

In this article, we will break old myths related to the car maintenance.

Don’t ignore the specifics of your car

A car built in 2015 and a car built in 1985 has different maintenance requirements. You should know the details about your car, including its year, make and model. Don’t assume or guess them and don’t follow a mechanic’s recommendations blindly.

Keep the owners manual handy because it has all the information for a proper car maintenance. It will save you a lot of money.

Don’t agree on tune-ups

Old cars need tune-ups ups every 20-30.000 miles. The modern cars have installed computers which erases the need for tune-ups. So, find out the specifics of the tune-up before you agree on any.

Although, if you really need a tune-up, you can find a specialist in Swapix Nigeria.

Lube job is not necessary

Depending on the model modern passengers’ cars don’t need a framework lubrication. Their parts are permanently sealed.

However, trucks have grease fittings on ball joints and may need the lubrication.

Be careful with your car’s engine flushing

Cars need flushes only if they have driven through high water. Flushes rid the engine from contaminants but they cause seals to leak. Better look for the necessity of this procedure in the owner’s manual.

Synthetic oil is not always good

And again, if you have an old car think twice before you use a synthetic oil. Make sure that you use the correct viscosity and grade because this oil was created for modern cars engines.

Don’t ignore brake fluids

Change brake fluids every 2-3 years to avoid other damages. The master cylinders caps keep out grime and dirt from the system. However, they don’t seal it. As a result, the water in the brake fluids attacks anti-block brakes and other expensive components.

Don’t the use quick fix for foggy headlights

If you noticed that your car’s headlight yellow and grow murky don’t buy the restoration kit. All these fixes will last for a few weeks. On a reputable service station, they will remove the damaged plastic, sand the lens, polish the surface and retreat it with a protective coating. It will cost more, but the result will last for a long time.

Whatever damages you car has you can look for the details on classifieds like Swapix Nigeria. People sell these details for cheap so you can save some money.