«Quick Removal» in Windows 10 Can Reduce Your Drivers’ Performance

«Quick Removal» in Windows 10 Can Reduce Your Drivers’ Performance

A few days ago Microsoft released the Windows 10 update, Windows 10 1809. They told that now users don’t have to choose a safe removal option when they work with their USB flash drives. Yet, what did they cover under it?

«Quick Removal» used to be the default policy only for the FAT32 drive format. Now it is available for all formats.

«Safely Remove» option was created to prevent losing data because the defaulted policy was «Better Performance». It caches all the write operations to the USB drive. But these operations should be completed before the USB drive is removed.

So, the «Quick Removal» default policy can reduce USB drivers’ performance. And if you really experience this with your USB drive you can change it back to «Better Performance.»

For that:

  • Plug in your USB drive into Windows PC
  • Open File Exlorer to find out which device is your USB drive
  • Open Disk Management
  • Find your USB drive, right-click its name and select Properties — Policies
  • Change the police to «Better Performance»
  • Check the box «Enable write caching on this device.»
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